It is quite a risky thing to basically put seven people in a room with one song and see what version they come up with together. At least, if you do this live on camera and there is limited time and no backup plan, no safety but to trust in everybody’s intuition, taste and the whole group’s dynamics. As a session player, I very well know this from any studio gig I play, but to take this as a concept for a tv show with a much bigger crew and effort involved, is quite daring. Thanks guys at Vox and everybody taking decisions here for making this happen-because it turned out to create space for creative solutions and really let the spirit of music be seen, a language able to bridge almost every gap.
We spent two weeks in Austria in an alpine hut filming season one of “One Night Song”. The concept of the show is a musical blind date. The host of the show is Daniel Wirtz, a rock singer. The guest brings three songs he/she likes and both decide which song they are going to perform as a duet. We then rehearse for the night looking for a good version which suits the song and both guests stylistically and tonally and perform it in front of an audience the next day. Quite an adventure! You never knew what would happen and you could not prepare-that’s the charm of the show.










Luckily, we had an awesome band – “The Dirty Tape Band” – everyone with a characteristic individual style and sound but still all team players. On top of that, we laughed so much together and had a rehearsal ranch to rehearse the promotion songs of Daniel and guest. What more can you wish for? Oh, there’s a very nice crew and the views of the mountains were spectacular. We also had very welcoming people from Ellmau. And last but not least, a leonhart table soccer was part of the set so I could play and work on my skills :)