After playing gigs with Elif and Kiddo Kat earlier this year, the request came to play guitar with Yvonne Catterfeld. We had a great tour in march playing shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was a terrific band and crew and I was happy to learn that Yvonne is an amazingly caring and unselfish person looking after everybody and heartily interested in others. Never complaining, never criticizing anything in all the weeks we spent together. When you are the center of a storm and have to perform every night, it’s easy to get moody or lose focus every once in a while-which did not happen with Yvonne, she enchanted in every show and was always a pleasure to hang out with. Big respect! Having said that, what we did have was a lot of fun riding boats on the Zürisee, riding a big wheel, celebrating Grabi’s and my birthdays, … I’m thankful for that great time on and off stage! Welt!




On my days off, I jumped into the Festland Studio to record bass for Levinas upcoming record, Germany’s Eurovision Song Contest Candidate 2017.