guitar(t)ist. producer. composer. md.


Born and raised in Berlin, Lars Cölln grew up with a variety of multicultural influences.
He started out on the drums at the age of 8 and switched to guitar at 13, keeping rhythm as his main approach and Stewart Copeland’s hihat in his heart.
Fluent in many musical languages, he is revealing an individual accent while always listening to what a song might need. (In fact, listening might be one of his key skills). Lars is said to have meditated the sentence “Funk is what you don’t play” (Fred Wesley) for two years in the mountains.
He is a highly demanded studio guitarist and bassist as well as an internationally touring sideman, yet a humble player with abundant love for music.


Pohlmann, Yvonne Catterfeld, Flo Mega, Revolverheld, Malia (CH/UK), Thomas D, L’ Aupaire, Omar (UK), Johannes Oerding, Tim Bendzko, Gloria, Adesse, Michael Patrick “Paddy” Kelly (IRL), Elif, Stephanie Lottermoser, Berge, Kiddo Kat, Tokunbo, Mateo, Maria Gadu (Brazil), Gretel, Makeshift Innocence (Canada), Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, The KBCS, Timo Breker, Mimi Müller-Westernhagen, Marvin Brooks, Charles Simmons, Anna F (Austria), Mic Donet, The Life Between, Johannes Strate, Mutabor, Joe Bel (France), Gunter Gabriel, Deborah Lee, Jonathan Kluth, Yarah Bravo (SWE/US), Benne, Wolfgang Michels, Pyranjah, Phil Fill, The Ruffcats, Chefket, Jaqee (SWE/Uganda), Mica Dulce, Manumatei, The Burhorn, Max Mutzke, Laith Al-Deen, Franky Ziegler, Mellow Mark, Wellbad, Pyro, Urban Monks, Axl Makana, Miss Flint, Paul Cless, Samir Soulsta, Nelson Müller, Maya Saban, …


L’ Aupaire, Pohlmann, Elif, Daniel Wirtz, Luke Friend (UK), Andreas Gabalier, Max Mutzke, Henning Wehland, Ella Endlich, Glasperlenspiel, Jesper Munk, Wolfgang Niedecken, Kai Wingenfelder, David Lemaitre, Johannes Oerding, Gloria, Berge, Gretel, Martin Kilger, David Huhn Band, Martingo

STUDIO WITH  …     ( guitar )

Die Fantastischen Vier, Flo Mega, Nneka, Thomas D, The Masked Singer Germany (TV/Pro7), The Big Performance (TV/RTL), One Night Song (TV/Vox), Culcha Candela (Guitar&Bass), Pohlmann (Guitar&Keys), Helene Fischer, Maxim, Mimi Müller-Westernhagen, Gregor Meyle, Ralf Christian Mayer, Samuel Harfst (Guitar&Bass&Keys), Opel&Jürgen Klopp, Lui Hill (Bass), The KBCS, Krutsch, Philipp Schwär (Guitar&Bass), Irie Révoltés (Guitar&Bass), Franz Plasa, Chefket (Guitar&Bass), Wolfgang Stach, Maliq, L’Aupaire (Guitar&Bass), fArHOt (Guitar&Bass), Ingo Stahl (Guitar&Keys), Wellbad, Swen Meyer (Bass), Joko & Klaas, Saint Lu, Polina Vita (Guitar&Bass), Kraans, Anna F, Tedros “Teddy” Teclebrhan (Guitar&Bass), Graziella Schazad (Guitar&Bass), Mateo, Marvin Brooks, Klima, Patrik Majer, Phil Fill (Guitar&Bass), Philipp Steinke, Kiddo Kat, Mutabor, Clara Louise (Bass), Will Czuch (Guitar&Bass), Fuchy, Flo Ree, Spongebob/Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV/VIVA, Nisse (Guitar&Bass), Mariha and many more …



  • “Your guitar playing really is heartbreakingly beautiful, I can’t wait to hear your album!”

    MaliaJazz Echo winning Singer
  •    “Lars is an incredible guitar player – in fact the only one i ever heard in Germany who has this distinct and big American sound I love!”

    Jonathan KluthSinger/Songwriter
  • “Lars kicks ass!!!”

    Jost NickelDrummer
  • “Lars is this great guy with whom i really enjoy being on the same wave length – musically and personally. His playing is always surprising and at the same time elevating music to a higher level – i’m always happy, when i know we’re playing together!”

    Alex GrubeBassist/Musical Director


It's happening. It's here, in my hands!   I am super excited to share my music with you - may it bring you joy, peace and power. That's what it gave me when it came to me! We pressed a limited run of silver discs - and we can send


Dear readers, I had the opportunity to create music as writer, producer and guitarist with incredible artists during the last two years - and here are some nice results :)   Cologne - Episode I: elevating music (elevating records/believe, 2021) I finally managed to finish my debut album - "Cologne


My first music video! Hi everybody, I travelled to Brasil and met so many nice people there in just a few days - a big heartfelt thanks to Federico Puppi who made me feel so welcome there and Daniel Lobo, who took my video idea into his mighty hands and


Hi guys, I took some time to digest and reflect. There was a lot of time, because I lost 50+ shows this year already. That's not only a lot of money not earned but first and foremost it's us not being "part of the society" anymore. At least it feels


I was in the middle of enjoying a radio&tv acoustic promo tour with the young and talented Ben Dolic who is this year's Eurovision Song Contest Candidate. Many shows ahead. Then suddenly everybody got really scared with this corona thing and now most shows are cancelled already. I feel this


Sometimes things go different than you planned. Suddenly, you see yourself making music with one of your childhood heroes, Thomas D of the (first!) german hiphop supergroup Die Fantastischen Vier. And this goes back to my great Instrumental Band The KBCS. You can listen to a Song here: The KBCS



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  • CD Cover_web
    Cologne – Episode I: elevating music              2021
  • Malia_Garden600x600
    Malia – The Garden Of Eve                                   2020
  • fanta4 - rekord
    Die Fantastischen Vier – Rekord                            2014
  • Thomas D&The KBCS-Mars Sessions_web
    Thomas D & The KBCS – M.A.R.S Sessions           2021
  • TGATG SilentMessages500x500
    The Girl and the Ghost – Silent Messages              2020
  • pohlmann - nix ohne grund
    Pohlmann – Nix Ohne Grund                               2013
  • flo mega - zurück
    Flo Mega – Zurück                                                2011
  • chefket - alles liebe
    Chefket – Alles Liebe                                                                                       2018
  • TGATG Alittle longer500x500
    The Girl and the Ghost – A little longer              2020
  • Lui-Hill-700x700
    Lui Hill – Lui Hill                                                   2018
  • saint lu - craving
    Saint Lu – Craving                                                2013
  • flo bäms
    Flo Mega – Bäms                                                  2019
  • kbcs pho sessions
    The KBCS – phô sessions vol. I                              2019
  • gregor meyle - meylenweit
    Gregor Meyle – Meylenweit                                  2010
  • pohlmann - könig der strassen
    Pohlmann – König der Straßen           2010
  • helene fischer - marathon stretch
    Helene Fischer – Marathon                                   2014
  • Laupaire_Flowers 500x500
    L’Aupaire – Flowers                                               2016
  • Polina_Vita_Tricks_700x700
    Poliva Vita – Tricks                                                2017
  • Stephanie Lottermoser Hamburg
    Stephanie Lottermoser – Hamburg                      2021
  • fuchy praline sized
    Fuchy – Praliné                                                   2019
  • one night song
    One Night Song – The Songs                                 2017
  • ella_endlich_im_vertrauen 600x600
    Ella Endlich – Im Vertrauen                                   2018
  • the life between - colors of your choice stretch
    The Life Between – Colours Of Your Choice           2011
  • flo-mega-für-die-ganze-familie
    Flo Mega – FDGF                                                  2018
  • maxim - staub
    Maxim – Staub                                                     2013
  • Culcha-Candela-Candelistan neu
    Culcha Candela – Candelistan                               2015
  • Samuel Harfst_Endlich Da Sein Wo Ich Bin 600x600
    Samuel Harfst – Endlich Da Sein Wo Ich Bin         2018
  • anna f - king in the mirror
    Anna F. – King In The Mirror                                  2014
  • irie revoltes - mouvement mondial
    Irie Révoltés – Mouvement Mondial                      2010
  • Kiddo Kat_WhyAmISoFunky 600x600
    Kiddo Kat – Why Am I So Funky ?!                          2016
  • chefket - nachtmensch 600x600
    Chefket – Nachtmensch                                                                               2015
  • nisse august
    Nisse – August                                                     2015
  • mimi once again
    Mimi Müller-Westernhagen – Once Again              2011
  • flo mega - ddr
    Flo Mega – DDR                                                   2011
  • Maxim_Das bisschen was wir sind
    Maxim – Das bisschen was wir sind        2016
  • culcha candela - culcha candela
    Culcha Candela – Culcha Candela                         2010
  • Klima_Irgendwann Ist Jetzt 400x400
    Klima – Irgendwann Ist Jetzt                                  2016
  • marvin brooks - everything ahead stretch
    Marvin Brooks – Everything Ahead                        2013
  • Fuchy 420
    Fuchy – 420                                                       2016
  • samuel harfst - alles gute zum alltag
    Samuel Harfst – Alles Gute zum Alltag      2010
  • simon becker egal wohin das führt-400x400
    Simon Becker – Egal wohin das führt                    2015
  • Levina_Unexpected web
    Levina – Unexpected                                            2017
  • tiger hifi - tiger hifi stretch
    Tiger HiFi – Tiger HiFi                                            2007
  • Clara-Louise-Sommer-gerettet
    Clara Louise – Sommer gerettet                            2017
  • martin kilger - wofür ich steh stretch
    Martin Kilger – Wofür ich steh                               2009
  • TAS_Lover 600x600 bw
    TomAndSara – Lover                                                        2016
  • pohlmann - wenn sie lächelt stretch
    Pohlmann – Wenn Sie Lächelt                               2011
  • culcha-move it
    Culcha Candela – Move It                                     2010
  • mutabor - schablone stretch
    Mutabor – Willkommen in der Schablone              2006
  • graziella schazad - india
    Graziella Schazad – India                                      2014
  • jan köppen - 1  moment
    Jan Köppen – 1 Moment                                       2012
  • philfill new decade II
    Phil Fill – New Decade                                          2010
  • rhymes for creation stretch
    Johnny Strange & Culcha – Rhymes 4 Creation       2008
  • mateo - unperfekt
    Mateo – Unperfekt                                               2014
  • saint lu - 2
    Saint Lu – 2                                                          2013
  • culcha candela & shaun stretch
    Culcha Candela & Shaun das Schaf                       2010
  • axl makana - ich ist ein anderer stretch
    Axl Makana – Ich ist ein anderer                           2008
  • flo mega - pay me right
    Flo Mega – Pay Me Right                                       2007
  • culcha candela - das beste
    Culcha Candela – Das Beste                                  2010
  • wellbad - beautiful disaster
    WellBad – Beautiful Disaster                                 2011
  • mutabor - amazegenalo stretch
    Mutabor – Amazegenalo                                      2007
  • tom and sara - 6 ways to find home
    Tom and Sara – 6 Ways To Find Home                   2014
  • chefket - einerseits andererseits
    Chefket – Einerseits Andererseits                          2009
  • culcha candela - schöne neue welt
    Culcha Candela – Schöne Neue Welt       2009
  • Starkowski - Herz Formatieren 400x400 bw
    Starkowski – Herz Formatieren                             2016
  • giraffenaffen stretch
    Giraffenaffen Vol. III                                             2014
  • beatdiggers - tagtraum
    Beatdiggers – Tagtraum                                        2006
  • SamuelHarfst-ChronikEinerLiebe
    Samuel Harfst – Chronik einer Liebe                       2015
  • mimi - road to last night
    Mimi Müller-Westernhagen – Road To Last Night   2011
  • Culcha_Sommaimkiez
    Culcha Candela – Somma im Kiez                         2009
  • urban monks - monk in me
    Urban Monks – Monk In Me                                                                    2008
  • maliq - cheek to cheek
    MALIQ – Cheek to Cheek                                      2007
  • elefantastisch
    Heizmanns Lieder – Echt elefantastisch                 2017
  • ClaraLouise_DiegutenZeiten_skaled
    Clara Louise – Die Guten Zeiten                           2018
  • flatrat600x600
    Culcha Candela – Flätrate                                     2011
  • flo mega - die wirklich waren dinge
    Flo Mega – Die Wirklich Wahren Dinge      2011

Studio Booking


Utilizing the high audiophile standards I’ve gotten used to over the years of recording, I am recording guitars in my own studio using my hand-selected mixture of modern and vintage preamps&microphones and of course my dear collection of guitars, basses, effects and amplifiers according to what suits the music best.

My studio features a 24m2 recording room and a 13m2 mixing space, daylight, the most beautiful views into trees. Also there: my favourite Vintage Synths, a 1965 Ludwig Sky Blue Pearl Kit and other soulful instruments/amps. Say Hi! if you need guitars and/or basses on your production, I record remote sessions a lot these days – looking forward to your request!


I teach electric guitar (major in popular music) and band coaching (popular music) at the music university in Münster. In addition, I give workshops and private lessons in person or via Zoom. Feel free contact me here!



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