Hi guys, I took some time to digest and reflect. There was a lot of time, because I lost 50+ shows this year already. That’s not only a lot of money not earned but first and foremost it’s us not being “part of the society” anymore. At least it feels that way. Ok, I exaggerated a bit but I feel less being part of the society. As a musician or artist in general you struggle with that a lot, especially when you’re not working. And I feel the most purpose in my life playing music on stages, writing, and being in the studio. Also, I live off receiving calls and planning events or projects, that gives me value. Of course I also cherish the time to reflect I got “donated” and work on enjoying it but this is an extremely difficult time for our craft. And I ackknowledge that I’m really privileged and many of my colleagues are struggling even harder than me. Let’s work towards change.