It’s happening. It’s here, in my hands!



I am super excited to share my music with you – may it bring you joy, peace and power. That’s what it gave me when it came to me!

We pressed a limited run of silver discs – and we can send you one!

How do you get it?


Mail your adress to and have it

*carefully placed into a protective envelope wearing purple velvet gloves
*mindfully brought to a friendly receptionist at a yellow local postoffice humming a happy melody
*carried with joy from A to B and into a van
and finally
*delivered to you by sensitive beings wearing colorful shirts

You can send digital money via paypal or bank wire. After receiving the CD, if you prefer – we trust people that buy CDs. They are good people. They do good things.

The price is 13 plus shipping (2 for Germany, 4 internationally [Europe] – please ask to confirm the shipping if you’re outside Europe).

Thanks for your support!