The summer ended with a very colourful range of gigs. I enjoyed switching between playing huge crowds of up to 80.000 (yeah, thats five digits…wow!) with Revolverheld where I sat in for Niels and great Jazz Venues like the Atrane Summer Week in Berlin with Stephanie Lottermoser. Then there were Festivals with Yvonne Catterfeld, Flo Mega and Berge. Looking forward to tea and candlelight in this nice sunny autumn right now. The semester also just started and I’m glad that my circle of students is growing and that i can inspire and be inspired. What a talented bunch of people!!! I’m honoured to teach them. Next week, I’m off to recordings with Malia in Southern Germany. Then some nice writing and production sessions with dear colleagues. I’m blessed and thankful for each and every of those experiences. Happy autum, y’all!