It’s good to be back on stage with the fabulous singer, entertainer and funkmaster Flo Mega. Sometimes, life has its own way of telling stories. I got a call to join the recording of his debut EP “pay me right” with the Ruffcats eleven or twelve years ago in the Phlexton Studios in Berlin. I just heard that he was a great singer doing funky stuff – of course, I was in! After the band and I set up, he came in and he was exactly what i did not expect a spectacular funk singer to look like: white (thanks for accepting my racist views..), like really bright white, like close-to-albino white and he had a huge tooth gap right in the front teeth (or where they were supposed to be). We had some small talk and then went on to record the single “pay me right” – we had arranged the instrumental parts and he went into the vocal booth and the rest is history. I was totally blown away when he screamed “You readyyyy? HUH-HUHHH!” into the mike and instantly set a totally different pace for the recording and took it to another level – we were on fire!!! We went on to tour and play every available show under any condition.  Any condition. Years of touring and recording later, I moved to Hamburg and shortly after got kicked out of the band because money was tight and my sub had obviously made it clear he liked the band and was ready to play (and he lived in Berlin) – a better standing than me who was slowly growing tired of driving 500km for a random, badly paid jam. Well – good for him, because the single “zurück” we just recorded was getting much attention at the Bundesvision Song Contest just then. Again – years later, Flo and the Ruffcats decided to go separate ways (probably due to artistic and personal differences). At that time, the KBCS – a studio band for vintage funk and modern electro vibe formed by my dear colleagues Kochbeck, Börger, Stritzke and me – were just working on their first EP when Flo came into the session and everything went really smooth. We went on to tour Germany in march and record a few pieces for his upcoming album which is coming soon. Really good songs evolving into a new sonic direction. A few festivals during summer and a big release tour next spring are coming up, I’m enjoying playing, laughing and hanging with these guys and I am thankful for life’s way to bring together what belongs together.

Here’s an old kamelle: