Dear readers, I had the opportunity to create music as writer, producer and guitarist with incredible artists during the last two years – and here are some nice results :)


Cologne – Episode I: elevating music (elevating records/believe, 2021)

CD Cover_web

I finally managed to finish my debut album – “Cologne marks my return to the original value of music. I wanted to create something that means something. Music that touches people’s hearts.”
It sounds and feels like a musical hike through the forest and that derives from its history:
I took my four favorite instruments & a tiny bit of technology and went into the seclusion of a Spanish cabin for months in the winter to find my own sound and at the same time back to the musician in myself. For as a sought-after guitarist and producer with various artists, I was getting lost in tours, schedules and commitments, longing for reduction. I was at a point in my life where I didn’t see the reason why I was actually making music anymore and had lost the joy of it. Spain and my solitude (self-chosen: pre-corona!) made me discover an inner
musical voice which gave me hope and confidence – and I want to share this.
Listen to it here:

Cologne – “Wide Open” on Spotify


Thomas D & The KBCS – M.A.R.S Sessions (Rekord/Edel, 2021)

Thomas D&The KBCS-Mars Sessions_web

The journey with the Hamburg-based quartet The KBCS continues with a surprising collaboration – Thomas D (of Die Fantastischen Vier,  the legendary German Hip Hop Pioneers, still selling out stadiums) has invited us to collaborate with him on his solo path. But just as we rehearsed, the pandemic hit the stage – instead of us. So we had to cancel touring plans and recorded our live arrangements of his songs (which originally was just recording the rehearsals – then we put in some more details :) and pressed it into vinyl and CD (and even a flexi-vinyl!). Hope to have this soulful retro hip hop sound hit the fan sometime soon!

Listen to it here:

Thomas D & The KBCS – Rückenwind on Spotify

Malia – The Garden of Eve (Edel, 2020)


The release of this beautiful blues-rooted record which I co-produced and co-wrote together with Malia and my man Nis Kötting was overshadowed by the beginning of the pandemic – so our tour got cancelled and we are yet to await giving it our best in live situations. Let’s see if that still happens. Anyways – we took the blues to 2020 and had a great time recording it – fun songs and Malia’s great energy both on tape and in the studio – she has the wit and it’s great to enjoy her company!

Listen to it here:

Malia – “Two Seedlings” on Spotify


Stephanie Lottermoser – Hamburg (Jazzline/Leopard 2021)

Stephanie Lottermoser Hamburg

Shortly after I had decided I wanted to explore a more free and creative direction in my guitar playing, Stephanie asked me to join her band and it is great fun to play with her and her awesome band (Felix Lehrmann/dr, Thomas Stieger/b and Till Sahm/keys) – I learned so much. Then she asked me to produce and mix her album as well – an honour to finish it and carve out her qualities sonically! And, I got to play some jazzy solos :)

Listen to it here:

Stephanie Lottermoser – “Letter to an inner child” on Spotify


The Girl & The Ghost – Silent Messages and A little longer

TGATG SilentMessages500x500TGATG Alittle longer500x500

Working with this charming indie/electro pop duo from Hamburg on their two singles and also on their whole record really turned out the experimenting with sounds in our collaboration – exploring different genres and finding a comfort spot with all our mixed influences turned out to become a really nice EP, check it out!

Listen to it here:

The Girl & The Ghost – “Silent Messages” on Spotify