This year, I’m lucky to be creative a lot. We are writing and producing the upcoming Malia record together with Nis Kötting (and – obviously – Malia :) – a BLUES record. How great is that then? We’re almost done writing it and look forward to catching it on tape this fall. Yeee-ha!

Also, The Girl And The Ghost asked me to work on their EP – awesome music – and even a dog is involved in the production! :) We just went to denmark for recordings.

At a writing camp in Switzerland, I met Ella Sun – we started writing and it just instantly clicked. Magic moments caught on tape and to be heard in a TV Series soon already. There will be more…

Oh, and my own album is taking shape as well.

Good music ahead – I am glad to be involved in writing and arranging good music and spend my time around lovely creatures. What a life, I feel blessed!